Japan Just Does Animation Better

Ohayo mina-san,

I’m feeling quite sugoi today. It may not seem that way what with my mounting debts, no job opportunities and a bitter roommate who bitched at me for leaving Cheeze-its on the toilet. But forget all that. Last week was the premiere of the new Thundercats cartoons. I never cared for the original Thundercats, but this one I am generally interested in. Why, you ask? Because it was animated by anime studio 4 degrees. And guess what? It’s the best animation on television!

I’ve been taking crap from all of you American animation fans for years. You keep talking about how anime is low-budget and nowhere near as good as our American productions. Well, guess what, you bakas? Cartoon Network came to JAPAN for quality animation! Eat it! That’s right, eat it! No longer can you keep throwing that argument in my face about anime being cheap and ineffective. We were right, you were wrong. So shut it!

I’ve seen the pathetic productions made in America. Adventure Time? Don’t take me laugh. Oh, wait, it can’t because it’s not funny. This is considered quality. The design are way to simple. Where are their noses? Why do all their arms look like noodles? Give me a break, gaijin. Regular Show? A talking blue jay and a raccoon? Great, more talking animals. Real original guys. I’m not saying all American productions are awful. There are some good shows like The Boondocks and Afro Samurai. Oh, wait! Those were animated in JAPAN! My bad.

This got me thinking though. There should be more American cartoons done right through Japanese studios. With that in mind I have compiled a list of American cartoons that need to be remade and animated in Japan.

Justice League: This show has potential. After all, it must’ve been pretty good to air on Toonami. Though I never watched it, I saw plenty of promos and kept thinking ‘man, I’d love to watch this show if only it had better animation’. Let us send it to Japan and make my dream a reality.

The Venture Brothers: I saw the promos and would sometimes catch the tail-end of an episode before Adult Swim anime started. It didn’t interest me until I saw that episode where they had a character that almost looked like Astro Boy. He was great and I looked forward to watching if he showed up again, but sadly he did not. I’ll bet if they had more of him and animated this at Production I.G., this show could be a real hit in the otaku community.

Drawn Together: This show had the right idea with Ling-Ling, but, again, not enough of him. They kept focusing on these other stupid characters. Axe them and give Ling-Ling his own show animated by Bee Train.

Ren & Stimpy: I use to like this show as a kid, but back then I didn’t know better. Rewatching this show on NickToons, I can’t help but think that it could be much better if it learned a thing or two from the vastly superior Panty & Stocking.

South Park: Give it up, Matt & Trey. You can’t keep animating at this crappy quality forever. Pretty soon, people are going to wise up and see your animation for the pathetic, low-quality it really. Farm this out to Studio 4 degrees quickly before all the bakas out there open their eyes.

The Adventures of Gumball: I can see a lot of Shin-chan in this show, but under the same studio that animated Shin-chan, I believe it can go much farther.

Avatar, The Last Airbender: Yeah, I know, it looks a lot like anime, but it isn’t truly worthy until it gets animated by a proper studio like Madhouse. Remake it there and this show will have my respect.

I don’t mean to seem insulting, but Japanese animation is just plain better. Why not take advantage of anime for all it’s worth? There is no shame in having an American cartoon animated by the Japanese. They clearly know what they are doing more than we do. Accept it and evolve.

Keep on Rockin’ That Dragon

About Dragon Rocker Z

I'm rocking the Dragon! I love anime, manga, Pocky, Ramune, and pretty much anything that comes from Japan. I'm currently in college trying to get my degree in Japanese language. I hope to go to Japan and make anime!
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2 Responses to Japan Just Does Animation Better

  1. ZeroBusterXX says:

    Weaboos gonna weab.

  2. ukiyaseed says:

    (Points at Marvel Anime Wolverine and Iron Man) Those shows were so mediocre that it hurts that MADHOUSE produced it. Also, Japan only does a lot of key frames for their animation while the rest of the labor in doing it goes in South Korea and in Toei’s case, the Philippines.

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