The End of Borders

Goodbye, manga

Greetings, muggles

It seems that someone in the comments didn’t believe me about Borders going under. Well have a look at THIS. Take a good look at that list! Notice the Minnetonka location? That’s right, the same one you were saying was fine. Well, guess what? It’s closing! I told you! I told you it would happen and you didn’t believe me! Now all their books, CDs and DVDs are being marked down for store closing sales.

I suppose I could score a ton of manga from this, but what’s the point? Borders will be gone soon and my only means of acquiring manga will be from *shutter* comic book shops. Borders for the longest time was my home away from home. I’d order a hot chocolate from their cafe, browse the manga section and even organize club meetings there. But those days are over now. I’ve stated several times that I was banned from Barnes & Noble and I suppose I should come clean with the reasoning behind my banishment.

Back in high school I use to run a manga club at the local Barnes & Nobles. As long as we kept it relatively quiet and didn’t interfere with Children’s Story Time Reading, the manager didn’t mind. We had a great time discussing manga and how it synced up with certain anime. However, we were not the only club gathering at B&N. At the same time, a Christian youth group was holding meetings around the same area of the B&N right next to our gathering location. We didn’t try to interfere and waited for them to finish before converging, but we could tell they hated us. At the time, the manga section was right next to the religion section.

The prophecy has come true

It wasn’t long before they started discussing the sinful elements of our favorite manga. Angered by this, we took up our concerns with the manager, but he refused to listen to our demands for them to move. Then, as if them comparing Ranma 1/2 to passages from the Bible wasn’t bad enough, the leader of the group approached me one night and urged us to either move our group to another night and disband. We’d had enough of this! We organized a sit-in during their meeting to hold an all-day manga club meeting. This caused the Christian group to loud outbursts about us moving to a different location. This event triggered several crybabies over at the Children’s Story Time Reading and resulted in all of us being banned from B&N. Plus, it didn’t help that one of our older members was convicted of public exposure in the building after I specifically told him NOT to wear cosplay to meetings.

So are you happy now, you nay-sayers? I have lost Borders. I have lost my true home for manga.

-Keep on Rockin’ That Dragon

P.S. Can anyone give me a ride to the premiere of Yu-Gi-Oh 3-D in Lakeville? I’ll pay for your ticket.

About Dragon Rocker Z

I'm rocking the Dragon! I love anime, manga, Pocky, Ramune, and pretty much anything that comes from Japan. I'm currently in college trying to get my degree in Japanese language. I hope to go to Japan and make anime!
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1 Response to The End of Borders

  1. Mike! says:

    …why don’t you just buy all your shit online? It’s a lot easier, and you can probably find better deals if you search in the right places.

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