Keep Your Government Out of My Animes

This is the room where anime is being tortured.

Ohayo, true believers

Call me a Slowpoke if you must (though I prefer Slowbro), but I just heard about this so-called Youth Healthy Development Ordinance bill in Japan. This is the biggest enemy to anime to come along in many years. Bigger than 4Kids, bigger than Code Lyoko and twice as powerful as the awful dub work by Carl Macek. I don’t think I’m exaggerating this time when I say that this will kill the anime industry.

What exactly does this bill do? It would prevent the sale of “harmful publications” that are “sexually stimulating encourages cruelty, and/or may compel suicide or criminal behavior” to anyone under the age of 18. Way to cut out a large part of your market, Japan! But, wait, it gets better. In addition to those conditions, the industry will also have to censor images that glorify or exaggerate specific sexual acts and disruption of social order. Could that be anymore vague?

Is THIS too much for you, Japan?

Who is to say what is sexually stimulating? I’ve heard some people say that Mitsudomoe is sexual, but I just don’t see it. Some people consider Kiss x Sis socially depraved. Again, very relative depending on the person. What exactly is considered acceptable material, Japan? Should we just go back to the olden days of Astro Boy and Speed Racer? Or would you prefer a bunch of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh clones? Or should we just do away with anime forever? Were sorry that anime is too mature for you old farts to handle, but you have to get with the times. Anime is no longer just for the little kids. It’s for the teenagers and 22-year-olds like myself.

What about THIS? Is this not socially acceptable, Japan?

Don’t think this bill has done any damage? Just look at what’s happening to Tokyo MX TV. There are rumors going around that Tokyo MX is going to start regulating their broadcasts of anime that has explicit material like panty shots. They can’t do that! Panty shots are a symbol of the freedom of content for anime. Why do you think we put a panty shot in the banner of this blog? For fun? For masturbation? NO! We chose that banner to make a statement about censorship. Take away our panty shots and the next thing you know they’re taking away our mecha and harem shows.

But this is only the beginning. Tokyo MX may also reconsider hiring anime fans as staff. That right there is discrimination! Imagine if Wal-Mart started screening employees to see if they were otaku. They would recieve so many angry letters and death threats from the legions of American anime fans. If Rebecca hadn’t left me, I’d have faught for her right to work at Wal-Mart with every bone in my body. Thankfully, this is America where we have equal rights for job hiring. We don’t descriminate against blacks, jews or otaku. But apparently in Japan, the birthplace of otaku, they are more descriminatory than any other country.

That's right. Throw your hands up and surrender now before the otaku get you.

I’ve been reading online about the protests in Tunisia and Egypt where the people are fighting the government and starting to gain ground. I think it’s time that the Japanese otaku took a stand as well. I implore them to dawn their finest cosplay and march to the Tokyo Metro Assembly and demand that the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance be repealed. This is about more than just the right to view panty shots and sexually explicit material in anime. This is about censorship in general. This is about freedom of speech. This is about our rights! Don’t let the Japanese government or any other government take away what you love.

-Keep on Rockin’ That Dragon

About Dragon Rocker Z

I'm rocking the Dragon! I love anime, manga, Pocky, Ramune, and pretty much anything that comes from Japan. I'm currently in college trying to get my degree in Japanese language. I hope to go to Japan and make anime!
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