I Object To The Label ‘Buyfag’

Yeah, I know this comic is about music, but the concept applies to anime as well.

Ohayo, anime fans of all shapes and sizes

Once more the anime community has been ridiculed for doing nothing at all. During my stroll through the ANN forums, I noticed a thread discussing a new duragotory label. Apparently somebody who buys anime on DVD is considered a ‘buyfag’. I’ve been called several names for buying anime DVDs: Pokemon-lover, cartoon-porno pervert, man-child and weeaboo. I’ve even been straight up called a fag. But a ‘buyfag’?

"Sorry, I can't buy that. It's not cool to buy things."

First off, the term itself is offensive and intolerant. It contains the word fag, shortend for faggot, which is a pejoritive (that means a slur) for homosexuals. Why in this day and age are we still dishing out homophobia like it’s candy? Are we stuck in the 1950’s? It’s very immature that we are still using this word. If you must make fun of sexual identity, at least use the proper terminology instead of slang, ie homosexuality or even gay is acceptable. It’ll make your ignorant argument a smidge more intelligent.

Also, when did buying anime DVDs become frowned upon? Is it lame to support the industry? Is it lame to further the future of anime in America? Maybe some of you poor anime thieves who never spend a penny on anime see those of us who buy our anime as elitist millionaires. They have this idea that we sit atop our spacious condos watching our Blu-Rays of Full Metal Alchemist on our 60-inch HDTV. Perhaps they see of us as rich fat-cats who talk ill of the poor who can’t afford season boxed sets. Whatever the vision, it is clear that they are jealous of what we have, be it income or DVDs.

Oh noez! Look how uncool I'm being!

But I will not spit on you pirates of anime this time. Nay, I want to reach out and assure you that we are NOT rich snobs about buying anime. I’m living proof of that. I’m living in a cramped dorm room typing this blog on an e-Machine my parent’s bought me used from Micro-Center. My food supply consists of twelve cups of ramen and that has to last me for three weeks. And I barely have any room at all for my anime DVDs which are currently occupying 60% of my living quarters.

I know to some people I appear elitist and smug about my anime fandom and I apologize for that. My Asperger’s Syndrome sometimes makes it hard to read the thoughts and feelings of others. Sure, today I’ve could’ve gone on a long rant about how those of you don’t buy anime are morally ignorant and would probably call you ‘poorfags’. But today I’m taking the high road and trying to see the point-of-view from the opposition. Those who cannot afford anime or were misinformed on the illegality of downloading should not be mocked. They should be pitied for their frustration. After all, we both want the same thing here: anime.

So to those who struggle like I do just to watch anime legally, I offer you my advice: stay true, stay legal, stay the course. I realize anime is too expensive, I really do. But that is exactly why we have to keep buying it. If we don’t, the price will never go down and there won’t be any anime left. And as for you slanderous individuals who mark us just for laughs, well, to hell with you. We are not ‘buyfags’. To quote Blood- from ANN, we are ‘buystuds’.

-Keep on Rockin’ That Dragon

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5 Responses to I Object To The Label ‘Buyfag’

  1. predederva says:

    Wow very well written. I’ve heard this term used before, I think on like 4chan or something. But recently it’s really gotten into the vernacular of online anime fans. Which is a real shame. Why do people have to resort to name calling. It’s one thing to try and argue from your point of view. But this is just 4th grade, ignorant, name calling.

    And I think you made another great point, about the rich v poor thing. I’ve always bought anime. I don’t watch anime illegally. But I am certainly not rich either. People MANAGE to get the money for things if they really want it. Sure you may not be able to afford EVERY SINGLE THING COMING OUT, but you could steal it all. But I’m sure most people could figure out a way to afford a decent amount of anime to watch. And if you can’t then you might want to consider a new job or something. Of course none of this relates to people who are truly desolate. How could it? If someone is barely making the rent payments, and in the best job they can get, I certainly don’t see a ay for them to get money to buy anime. Not saying that these people should be stealing anime, but more like they probably can’t be watching stuff illegally because they can’t even afford a computer. For some reason I doubt these are the people watching fansubs and rips anyway. For the most part it’s people who are just like us. And if we can find the money, they can too. And then you have to remember there’s plenty of anime you can watch LEGALLY FOR FREE! Way more then I could ever dream of watching. So if your really broke, you’re not cut off completely. There are options! Plus most people have access to either Funimation on Demand, or Anime Network on Demand on their TV’s…more FREE anime there…And libraries around the US have been carrying anime DVDs more and more lately.

    I think it’s uncool to watch something illegally personally. If you are so into anime, you would be proud to support it and see more of it being made. You wouldn’t try everything you could to weasel out of spending money on stuff you like.

    Great article! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yan says:

    You’re taking the term the wrong way (or are watching people use it incorrectly).

    For the most part, it’s the equivalent of calling someone an “old fuck”, “fat fuck”, “skinny fuck”, “short fuck”, etc… It’s what the term “fellow” has boiled down into within the online otaku community (most often seen on 4chan and other image boards). I’ve seen the term “buyfag” nearly as much as I’ve seen “piratefag”.

    Granted, the use of “fag” is quite offensive in any manner of use, this particular one isn’t meant in that bad a connotation as you believe.

  3. yakuri says:

    Faggot is by itself a derogatory word (although it does have other meanings), while homosexual and gay are not, even when people against this sexuality consider them bad words; so using them for offensive means is even more offensive. I don’t suggest you do it.

    As for the word, you’re taking this too seriously. It probably came out from 4chan, and we all know everybody pretty much curses everybody there. Consider it like the word narutard; with time it lost its derogatory meaning and now it’s considered just a way of saying you like naruto.

    I do agree with supporting your favourite series; it’s stupid to complain about anime or manga not reaching outside Japan and in the end not buy the stuff when it finally gets licensed. The only reason to not buy something is if the product’s quality was subpar to what is expected (horrible translation, cheap paper and so on).

  4. predederva says:

    If you guys have read some of the forum posts on ANN, you’d see people using it quite differently then you seem to be suggesting…

  5. Mr. Derp says:

    7/10 dude. You actually had me convinced for a moment.

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